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Alden Arrivals

We are introducing two pairs to our Alden Shoe spread. Both are handsome in their own right, but each, with their widely different personalities, will be sure to attract the discerning eye of the shoe aficionado, sartorial savant, or stringent shopaholic alike.

Alden D3606 Long Wing Blucher $540

Alden D3606 Long Wing Blucher $540

The first is the Long Wing Blucher. A modern take on the classic brogue, the D3606 is finished in a natural chrome excel (read this for an explanation replete with detail on the process of making this fine leather). The lighter color of the shoe juxtaposed with its red rubber sole reminds us of warmer spring days ahead…should they ever decide to arrive.

Alden D3805H Work (Indy) Boot $529

Alden D3805H Work (Indy) Boot $529

The Workboot is popularly referred to as the “Indy” Boot as they were the preferred shoe for Harrison Ford’s character in the film franchise of Indiana Jones. This Alden style of shoe is undoubtedly the most coveted, being offered in an array of leathers and colors – from brown kudu to the scarce “color 8″ or shell cordovan. With its chocolate suede and neoprene cork sole, the D3805H is the quintessential year-round boot; an equally luxurious alternative for the gent riding (or walking) out the cordovan shortage.

Our Alden offerings can be viewed online. We expect more styles to arrive in the months ahead so keep a look out on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Join Us for Our Thanksgiving Food Drive!

This Thanksgiving season help us reach our goal as we partner with the Greater Boston Food Bank to help bring food to those who need it most! This week, from November 18 to 24, we will be accepting donations at all three of our Charles Street locations. With five nutritious and non-perishable canned goods you will enjoy 15% off of sweaters at NRO, clothing accessories at NRO Sport, or pajamas at NRO Kids…depending on the store of your choice! Most importantly, your generosity will help in the ongoing fight to end hunger! If you are unable to make a donation in person but still wish to help you can make a monetary donation here. We thank you in advance and wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

NRO Food Drive

Boston Ski Week

This week, join us and other powder chasers as we prepare for the couldn’t-come-too-soon ski season! There are a couple of films premiering in the Boston area and we’ll be there! Here is a schedule of the happenings.

SkierWarren Miller’s, Ticket to Ride

This is Warren Miller’s 64th feature film. Ticket to Ride highlights an exhilarating worldwide tour of exotic locations with the sport’s best skiers and snowboarders. Check out the trailer here.

Showing at the Somerville Theater, Wednesday 11/13 @ 7PM and Thursday 11/14 @ 7PM and 10PM. You can buy tickets here.

At Thursday’s shows, keep a look out for an NRO Sport promotion for a chance to win a pair of Kästle skis and a Helly Hanson jacket!

Teton Gravity Research’s, Way of Life

For some, embracing the mountains is not just part of life—it’s a way of life. The search for snow shapes not only how they approach these peaks, but also how they approach the world. And whether athletes spend their days dropping first descents in Alaska, lapping the local mountain, or training for the Olympics, they’re part of a community built around a shared passion. The bonds that form from this community transcend continents and cultures, transforming strangers into friends. After all, a smile on a powder day needs no translation. Click here for the trailer.

Premiering at the House of Blue – Boston, Friday 11/15 @ 8PM. Tickets available here.

Come by before the show and look for an NRO Sport promotion to get 20% off ski accessories!

Belting Island History

Since 1975, the Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust has acquired, managed, and maintained the historic landmarks of one of Massachusetts’ most beloved island destinations. Many of these irreplaceable buildings were threatened by demolition due to how badly deteriorated they were. Such iconic institutions as The Old Whaling Church, Daniel Fisher House, the Flying Horses Carousel, and Union Chapel are but a handful of the 18 properties that the MVPT has painstakingly cared for and preserved, breathing new life into them for generations to come.

MVPT Landmarks

For the 29th annual Taste of the Vineyard, the Martha’s Vineayrd Preservation Trust is partnering with North River Outfitter to offer you a custom Smathers & Branson needlepoint belt featuring these Island landmarks. The proceeds from these belts will go directly to the Preservation Trust to continue to provide them with the resources they need to continue their work in preserving Island history. Personal monogramming is also available. You can order one (or more) of these belts here.NRO MVPT Smathers BeltAt NRO have long touted our love for The Vineyard, being one of our favored, summer haunts and home to our Edgartown shops. We can’t imagine the Island without these historic sites and thus want to do our part to insure that they will remain with us for generations to come! We hope you feel the same!

Check it: Knowing your checked patterns.

As popular as checked patterns are (especially during the fall) it boggles our minds when we encounter a tattersall-clad individual who confuses the pattern with, say, gingham. Part of dressing well is being knowledgeable of what you’re wearing. Just as you would easily differentiate between wool and cashmere, bootcut and straight, or moss and hunter green, you should know the difference between your beloved patterns. If you’re guilty of making a minor mistake then continue reading. We’ll forgive you…just this once.

Check It Pattern Board

Windowpane: Popular with men’s suiting, this pattern is aptly named for its resemblance to a series of window panes. Typically the fine lines are seen in a lighter, contrasting color upon a darker colored background. The look is quite distinguished, especially on a double-breasted, wool suit.

Argyle (Argyll): Probably one of the most well-known checks, it is an autumn essential for knitwear and socks. This three-dimensional pattern is distinguished by its overlay of diagonal lines upon solid diamonds. The name is derived from the tartan of the Campbell Clan of Argyll, Scotland, used for kilts and Highlander socks that were generally known as “tartan hose”.

Tattersall: This pattern’s name has a rather unglamorous provenance. In the 1700’s, Tattersall’s Horse Market of London created a cloth composed of regularly-spaced, thin, even stripes of two alternating, darker colors that were placed upon a light background. The cloth was used to keep the equine companion warm (read: horse blankets). Despite it’s beginnings the pattern is fashionably used on shirts, flannels, and waistcoats.

Madras: Known colloquially as “Madrasi checks”, this summertime favorite takes its name from the Indian city now known as Chennai. Similar to that of plaid, this fabric consists of checks and stripes in muted, yet soft and vibrant colors. Unlike the symmetric patterns of other checks, those of Madras tend to be uneven, which creates a sense of dimension and depth. Perfectly paired on light cottons and seersucker, this pattern keeps you looking cool when the weather isn’t.

Glen Plaid: Made renown by the Duke of Windsor, and thus nicknamed “Prince of Wales check”, this pattern is not often seen in the States. It is a handsome woven pattern typically made of black/grey and white, or with more muted colors, particularly with two dark and two light stripes that alternate with four dark and four light stripes which creates a crossing pattern of irregular checks. The name Glen plaid does not appear before 1926 where, until then, it was formally known as Glen Urquhart check, after the valley in Inverness-shire, Scotland, where it was first used.

Gingham: Worn by the mods of the 1960’s, Brigitte Bardot on her wedding day, and Dorothy as she traversed the yellow brick road, this pattern is often referred to as the “tablecloth pattern”. With its square checks of two contrasting colors and its fabrication, this pattern has no right or wrong side being the same from front to back. Depending on the colors used, Gingham is seasonless and an often welcome addition to both the male and female wardrobe.

Plaid/Tartan: There is often confusion between these two. Plaid actually comes from the Gaelic word for blanket and in Scotland refers to a piece of fabric that is belted, worn, or slung over the body. Where plaid refers to the fabric or garment itself, tartan refers to the pattern. However in America the two have become synonymous, thus when in Rome. This pattern is widely used from fashion to homeware and is easily distinguished by the crossing of vertical and horizontal bands of two or more colors.

Houndstooth: Probably the least subtle of the checks, this pattern is often found in both mens- and womenswear, gracing the likes of coats, jackets, neckwear, and hats. Originating from woven wool cloth from the Scottish Lowlands, this textile pattern is characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white, although other colors are used. Despite its inability to be worn incognito it is the perfect compliment to classic ensembles in need of a lift.

Heads Up for Head of the Charles!

Head of the CharlesIt’s that time of year where nearly 300,000 excited onlookers will line both banks of the Charles River to watch (read: partake in libations and rowing revelry) the world’s largest two-day regatta. From the 19th to the 20th, families, friends, aficionados, past crew champs, et al will seemingly clamber upon one another to lay hold of the best view. But really, the Charles is a long stretch of water and HOTC isn’t lacking in riparian civilities; with designated event locations there is a place for the finicky and blasé. As always, whether you find yourself laying out upon the grass, perching bridge-top, or sitting, wine-in-hand, within the comforts of the Eliot Bridge Enclosure, try to look your best!

There may not be many boating blazers floating about (though we wish they would), heads crowned with boaters, or other traditional accoutrement, but we’dHarrisTweedTaransay BoastFall2013WomensBlazers_Tweed_Caramel_1024x1024__46747.1380122640.1280.1280like to make a few suggestions for a modern look constructed on classic underpinnings. As we prepare for our unveiling of the Boast fall collection, we thought it would behoove us to advise towards their women’s blazer featuring Harris Tweed, the quintessential purveyor of fine fabrics. Perfectly paired over jeans and riding boots or a wool dress, this blazer will give you a tailored silhouette while keeping you warm when the autumn wind blows. And for the gents might we bring your attention to the Harris Tweed Taransay jacket. A chamelon of sorts, the Taransay will take you from enclosure to water’s edge with old-school swagger sans dusty dowdiness.

However if you can’t wait for the festivities or a reason to dress in your preppy best, pop into our HOTC kickoff party and view all of Boast’s wares while enjoying Pumple Drumkin provided by Cisco…our favorite local brewer. But if it’s not booze or Boast you’re looking for then you must start the weekend off on an Oxford-clad foot by meeting F.E. Castleberry, the arbiter elegantiae of all things prep and bespectacled mastermind behind What’s to lose…other than your favorite crew?

Autumn’s Arrival At Last

You can’t miss the chill in the air or the faint, fall hues peeking through oak and elm. We know that is indicative of the bone-chillingBoastFall2013MensButtondown_Plaid_TraditionalRed1_1024x1024__99006.1380120728.1280.1280 cold soon to follow, but until then it’s the season for classic layering. That is something to look forward to!

Aside from the change in temperature and foliage, with autumn comes the season of events and booked schedules, and a man should always look his best! A timeless, layered outfit is an easy way to go from day to night no matter what the schedule dictates.

harper_5_pockets_straight__84808.1366653660.1280.1280For a casual Friday into evening outfit, we love this Boast button-down. With its 100% brushed cotton and traditional red plaid, it is perfectly paired with wool trousers or jeans like the Hudson Harper 5-Pocket Straight. The trim silhouette that ends in a true straight leg, complemented by the dark wash will give you a no-fuss, impressive look.

With your base layer at the ready, you can begin playing with the textures, patterns, and colors to 4356__25919.1346900947.1280.1280complement your ensemble. Some say shoes make the man, and indeed we think it true! Pairing the right shoe with an outfit is essential to maintaining continuity from top to bottom. Darker leather and suede are the right choice for a fall look, adding to the environmental feel of the season. We think you will agree that the Alden penny loafer in dark brown suede is the perfect accompaniment to get you from work to dinner in true autumnal fashion!

henningsvaer_off_white__48883.1379709653.1280.1280The fall look is not complete unless you have the necessary accoutrement to keep you stylish (and warm) while treading through the fallen leaves and chill! The Henningsvaer sweater by Dale of Norway lends itself to tradition by way of a handsome cable knit and light, stone color that makes the red plaid pop. Inspired by Henningsvaer, a village situated by Mount Vagakaillen in the northern part of Norway, it is no doubt reminiscent of the northern lifestyle of New England. The half-zip and high neckline give you the option to cover up in lieu of a scarf especially for those evenings that are cooler than expected.

Barbour is renown for its sleek and durable outerwear, keeping bodies warm and dry for over a century. That is MWX0553__75405.1376672462.1280.1280why we chose the Kinneff duffle coat to top-off our men’s layered look. With it’s detachable hood, distinct plaid lining, and toggles, this coat is perfect for a man to transition from city-slicker to gentleman farmer and back again.

Whether roughing it through the wilderness or the city wild, carefully chosen layers are a necessity to give a man stylish and utilitarian options to look great and keep warm no matter what autumn’s arrival throws at him!

Summer of Clyde


Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 10.09.12 PM

Edgartown Lighthouse


NRO 4th of July Parade Float – Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard


4th of July Parade


Katama Airport- Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 1.34.35 PM

12 Metre Regatta- Edgartown Yacht Club


Now that spring is in full force, it’s time to say goodbye to the cold weather and look forward to the best outdoor activities that warm weather can offer. One of our favorites is a good quality fishing trip with good friends and great gear. NRO has some top brands this spring that can set you up to look like a fierce competitor out on the water. 

Anyone who spends any time out on the water needs a good pair of sunglasses, and any serious angler knows that they need a pair of Costa Del Mar’s. Their 580G lenses are theImage clearest in the industry and are easily the most comfortable. You can choose from many different frames, colors, and styles to make your day on the water that much clearer. 

When you finally reel in that trophy fish you’ll need a cooler to keep it nice and fresh. You might think that all coolers are created equal – not true. ImageYETI Coolers are by far the leading coolers on the market, and that’s no accident. YETI’s are the most durable coolers available and feature 2” of insulation to keep ice for up to 7 full days. Wow! They come in 10 different sizes but the YETI Tundra 75 is a necessity for every fishing boat.  This will be the last cooler you ever buy. Oh, and did we mention they’re bear proof?

Another essential is a jacket that will keep you dry Imagewhen the seas kick up or the weather takes a turn for the worst. Simms Fishing Products has a wide range of sportswear and outerwear for any occasion but one essential is the Simms ProDry GORE-TEX Jacket.  This jacket is fully waterproof and windproof, which makes it perfect for a rough trip back to the dock. It’s a fisherman’s best friend!

2013 ushered in a lot of new things here at the shop.  Pops of emerald are everywhere these days and we can’t help but let it brighten our day!  ImagePantone, the end-all-be-all connoisseur on all things color is telling us to follow our inner emerald city and embrace the 2013 Color of the Year.  We obsess over the vibrant hues in our Roberta Roller Rabbit Beach Bags.  We think this one has just that right amount of bold palette with its awesome emerald and navy.  It’s the perfect spring and summer addition.Image  Even Clyde prefers bow ties with a little emerald stripe in them!  Calypso always has a way of translating their tropical, bohemian chic into a wearable, everyday maxi. Our neighbors, Oliphant Designs out of Litchfield, Connecticut are even jumping on the bandwagon and providing their preppy flare to a nice drop earring.  ImageNeedless to say we are following this yellow brick road.  Happy going green and enjoy!


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